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Picture of Sybil Smith Published Work

Available Now - Hanna Duston's SisterSybil Smith's poems have been published in many literary magazines, too numerous too mention. Most notable are, New England Review/Bread Loaf Quarterly, Southern Poetry Review, Peregrine, The Poetry Review, The Spoon River Quarterly, The Worcester Review, The Cumberland Poetry Review, 13th Moon, The Seattle Review, Salmon Magazine, The Breast, (an anthology published by Global City Press) and Mid America Poetry Review. Fiction and nonfiction has appeared in The Northern Review, Ithaca Women's Anthology, Vermont  Woman, Spectrum, The Albany Review, Northeast Corridor, Mediphors, Anna's House, Ellipsis, Gulfstream Magazine, Yankee Magazine, Byline, Dartmouth Medicine Magazine, Life On The Line , (an anthology published by Negative Capability Press), Ancestry, The Worcester Review, The Connecticut Review, Between The Heartbeats, (an anthology published by the University of Iowa Press) U.S. Catholic , The Crescent Review, The Larcom Review, The Sun, Natural Bridge and A Ghost At The Heart's Edge, (an anthology edited by Susan Ito and Tina Cervin) The Raven Chronicles, and many others. She has been a finalist in two Glimmertrain contests and was an honorable mention in this year's Pushcart Prize Anthology, as well as in Nighttrain's short fiction contest.

She has also written a screenplay, for a movie called, My Mother's Early
Lovers, which was a finalist at the Austin Film Festival and won a first at
the Yale Film Festival and at the Maine International Film Festival.

Work is upcoming in The Sun, and Karamu.